Rules Of Engangement


For our wrestling match is with persons without bodies…….Eph 6 v 12

There is a war going on, between the kingdom of God and the forces of darkness.In this war there is no neutral zone,you are either on one side or other.As a Christian the second you got born again you also took up arms in this conflict,trouble is most Christians are unaware of this fact.

Though Jesus Christ has won the ultimate victory in this war,battles are still fought in the present age and time and the results whether victory or defeat and which side gains the upper hand matter and influence the effectiveness of good vs evil in this physical world we live in.

This book aims to provide an understanding of the enemies we face, an insight on their purposes,strategies and how to defend against them.

Never again go into the battle of your life unarmed,cover yourself with the knowledge,learn the authority you have in Christ and how to use it,the weapons available for assault…..learn:

The Rules of Engagement


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