Chapter IV:Nature of Creation; Structure of the kingdoms

For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. Col 1 v 16

The writer here describes that Christ is the firstborn and all things in heaven and earth were created for him and through him,both the seen(physical) and the unseen(spiritual) were created both in heaven and on earth.Then the writer lists in order of the created things (a kind of celestial hierarchy if you will) which I would like to further investigate:

Thrones: this is a high,perharps the highest station and position that can be (eg the throne of God,the throne of Christ).This is for the holliest of the holy. Only a king sits on a throne.

Dominions: Adam was given this privilege once and he lost for all mankind,a domain is a territory and subjects that needs someone to rule over it. When you add king and domain you get a kingdom.God intended this to be a template of heaven on earth,which would mirror God’s sovereign position and power,his glory(splendour &majesty) in relation to all creation.In essence as a king God was setting up a colony on earth.

Principalities: a state/region/territory ruled by a prince can be a spiritual prince that guides,protects,watches over influences the actions of a state/religion/territory/group of people/individuals etc,eg Michael the Archangel was described as ” your chief prince Michael” by the angel who spoke to Daniel.

Powers: authority given which gives the right to rule and govern,subjugate,bring under,lead.

In contrast in the book of Ephians 6 v 10, the list doesnot include neither thrones nor dominion as what we fight/wrestle against.Christ won the victory for us and took dominion from the kingdom of darkeness on the cross Col 2 v 14-15 simply put ,the kingdom of Satan doesnot have these ranks.So then the structure of the devil’s kingdom looks something like this:-

Principalities: (rulerships) with rulers that controls and influences large areas,continents,kingdoms,cities or a group of ethic people

Powers : (authorities)evil doers, demons,evil spirits even people eg false teachers/prophets including the evil/demonic entities that empower them,witch doctors,others with evil miraculous powers,the occult,spells and curses practitioners.

Spiritual hosts: armies of wicked rebellious spirits that operate in the heavenilies.

NB very important to take note that whether or a principality or power regardless of whatever influence they posses they are ultimately not beyond the control of sovereign God.Everything is under the control of God so no matter how much the enemy try to frustrate God’s plans it is futile.In Romans 8 v 37-39 we are told that the Victory is assured in Christ.We also further see that God uses the wicked to bring his perfect plan into fruition as in Isaiah 46 v 10-11 and as also in Daniel 4 v 35,so there are subject to the control of God.


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