Chapter VI: Strategies of the Enemy 1.0

 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:1 pt 5 v 8

The kingdom of darkness has battle plans well constructed to keep you down.There are well crafted methods custom designed to fit the target they are intended for.Allow me to list some 

  • Distraction  

Afflictions and Persecutions: the enemy is very careful on keeping you off looking at God and Jesus’s finished work on the cross,and more looking at the circumstances in your life.
This will come and manifest in all sorts of issues and problems like sickness,mental health problems,lack of peace,lack of money,lack of resources.This list is inexhaustible,but majority of ailments and issues are a result of evil spirits designed to keep you distracted and away from the word of God and his presence.

I remember peter when he walked on water,the wind (circumstances) made him take his eyes of Jesus and immediately he began to sink, see how it works? Storms in your life are there for this very design  ie distraction.

  • Conflict 

Divisions: the enemy has crafted this to perfection so bad that it has even infested the church, no one can agree with any one. There are wars in this day and age, racial divides, cultural, gender, classes divisions the rich vs  the poor,he preached this  I preach that… Division division division.

Jesus warned about the dangers of division “a house divided by itself cannot stand” whenever there is unity things prosper and the results are positive. Often when there is unity organised ready to stand as one in one accord so that they accomplish a (holy) uniformed goal,you can bet the enemy will strike as soon as possible.

  • Guilt,shame and condemnation 

This is the oldest method in time,and we fall for it each time. The word of God calls him the accuser of the brethren.So when you do something wrong you can rest assured he will remind you of it every minute of your life.

As a Christians it is important  to realise your position in respect to what the blood of Jesus did for you in terms of sin, which he redeemed you (literary  bought back) from sin and judgement.

This is always a tricky proposition to understand, yes you are saved and you will miss the mark from time to time. Point to remember is don’t let that keep you down and separated from God that you can’t come to him.

Intentional habitual sin is rebellion against God and should be stopped and repented from. Repentance is a decision to stop evil ways and walk a godly path.

The Holy Spirit never condemns you but rather convicts you ie convinces you that your acts are wrong and advises you to do better and it stops there. 

If there is guilt and condemnation it’s not from God. This is a deliberate attack from the devil to keep you down in shame.

  • Lies,wolves and foxes; the misdirection and great deception

Catch us the foxes the little foxes that spoil the vines -song of Solomon 2 v 15

The word spoil above literally means to either pervert, corrupt, destroy.

There is a word wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And another the devil is a liar.

May seem like just terms but there is a lot of truth in these statements,the biggest other way the Christian have been mislead.

False teachers,false prophets, there is a lot of bad information which had dressed to look right.Left right and center the word of God is being corrupted,destroyed and perverted to the hearers.Wrong teachings doctrines and beliefs systems are taught and followed none of which have basis in scripture.If they do they have half truths in them,not consistent with the whole word of God.

The word of God never contradicts itself,it confirms itself.

Today there is tendency of picking what suits and leaving out that word which doesn’t suit us/our doctrine.

Take heed that you are not decieved Watch out for this misdirection.

  • Battle of the mind 

You will lose warfare in your thinking. Satan point of contact towards us in our body is through the mind.

Each and every temptations starts with a thought. The part you decide is if you will act on such thoughts. Satan’s point of enrty is suggestion “doesn’t she look good?” “If only I could have her car“. 

Mostly intincing us to gain something through illligimate (unholy) means. See you don’t loose the battle to sin when you sin but before when you the decesion to sin. Say u decide to steal something your mental agreement to do it will lead your body to take corresponding action in the physical and behold you end up actually taking and possessing in the physical something thats not rightly yours. 

Works this way for all manner of things aldutery,fornication,murder lies,corruption,deception,fear it all starts in the mind.It all starts with a thought.

You need to measure (capture) your thoughts and distinguish which thoughts are from God which are from the devil. If find yourself thinking things you know you have no business thinking about, then it’s time to arrest that thought (bring it down to the obedience of Christ the logos the word of God) 

Others worth mentioning that infiltrates through the mind and are barriers to the believer:

  1. Fear
  2. Worry
  3. Loosing Hope
  4. Anxiety
  5. Unbelief 
  6. Doubt

The power of thought is such that once it takes hold you will act on it,and actions have consequences good and bad consequences,it’s why we must win the battle of the mind 


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