Chapter VIII: Enemies in the Supernatural; Demons & Sorcery

For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.Mark 5 v 8 

Perharps more important to understand is that there is more going on in the supernatural that we realise.

The notion that the kingdom of darkness has no supernatural powers of thier own is gravely mistaken. Often times believers think that any supernatural work and miracle or healing is from God,sadly this is not true.

Consider this 

And the fish that was in the river died; and the river stank, and the Egyptians could not drink of the water of the river; and there was blood throughout all the land of Egypt.And the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments: and Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, neither did he hearken unto them; as the LORD had said –Ex 7 v 22-23-

The miracles that Moses worked in the eyes of pharoah in Egypt just before the great exodus and the deliverance of the children of Israel, the magicians in Egypt were also able to replicate,but not by the the power of God Jehovah Yahweh.
There is need to test the powers and miracles performed,they should be in the name of Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit given by  God the father.

The human being is merely a vessel used to transmit the power of God, a medium of exchange. Always be wearly by “men/women of God” who take credit for a healing or miracle or those who do a miracle or healing or any supernatural feat without using the name and authority of Jesus and God Yahweh.

Take heed that you are not decieved.


Involves the use of Magic, people want to call it Black/White magic, listen all of it is bad. It’s a practice associated with witchcraft and it taps into the evil supernatural forces to gain power.

Forms of practices and objects 

  1. Spells
  2. Chants 
  3. Curses (more later on)
  4. Divination: (predicts the future) And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: acts 16 v 16
  5. Drugs 
  6. Lucky charms: Rabbit’s foot etc
  7. Love Portions
  8. Fortune telling
  9. Music: certain types of rock, gangsta rap, etc
  10. Sceances

Any exposure to the above opens the doors for evil forces to influence your life. Deliverence is certainly required if one had ever practiced any of the above.


These are disembodied evil spirits,no other word for them. This will be a condensed form, for this topic is a book in itself.
They are able to enter ones body and influence behaviour, speech, movements, and other various physical actions.

They seek to do the following to you 

  • Torment and Torture you
  • To keep you from knowing Jesus Christ 
  • To Frustrate and limit you from serving Jesus Christ and God effectively 

Most commonly there will be a few key words that you need to look out for. Sympomatic words that you keep aware of operations. Remember you are dealing with “persons without bodies” so in that case a person has intellect, will, reasoning and cunning.
They will do the following to you 

  1. Entice you : to do evil those bad thoughts. 
  2. Harrass you : bring irritants towards you.
  3. Torment you : in your mind with crazy thoughts,fear,worry,doubt.
  4. Compell you : to do crazy things,eat strange stuff,compulsive behaviours etc.
  5.  Enslave you : combine this with compulsion you will get addiction.
  6. Defile you : cause you to ruin yourself and self destruct.
  7. Deceive you : amongst the common method is Pride, never fails.
  8. Weaken you : with desease, ailments, sickness, tiredness and ultimately kill you.

Be not decieved demons are persistent and crafty (not to the credit). They will wait till you are at your weakest point then the attack comes by means of the above methods.

They flourish in sin and this gives them the legal right ie  you are the one opening the door for them to enter into your life and cause havoc in it.

One who dwells in sin is an open house just waiting for the devil to come in and take residence. Blame can’t be placed on anyone else on this one.

It is true however that since one is saved by the precious blood of Jesus  you cannot be “possessed” by demons. Possession translates to ownership and Christ redeemed you by his blood Gal 3 v 13, you are infact Christ’s.

But you can be under the influence of demons, be pressured by them and also be oppressed by them.

A better term to use is demonised as it were in the original Greek language

 Always be on guard from possible intrusion, the enemy  and his cohorts works day and night. Other areas to Guard are out attitudes and emotions. Behaviours, Past experiences.

Various/ Commonest Evil Spirits

Allow  me to list  how demons/evil unclean spirits will manifest in people, this is not exhaustive but just a common quick checklist if you will, just something to look out for.

Note: demons always operate in groups. They will gang up on you and one always invites another related to it, let’s examine.

  • Spirit of Pride: root to Satan’s fall
  • Spirit of Rebellion: where there is pride, rebellion will follow
  • Spirit of witchcraft : witchcraft is as rebellion 
  • Spirit of fear :this one cripples people, can enter someone in a moment of shock (witnesses a tragedy/accident) fear sets in 
  • Spirit of grief : came in as a result of fear,which when it (grief) settles lonilieness creeps into unworthiness into unloved into misery into depression into suicide the ultimate destruction
  • Spirit of disappointment : will call the spirit of rejection/ cause rejection  then it’s lonilieness turns to misery to depression to suicide
  • Spirit of unforgiveness : this leads to anger to hatred to violence and then murder
  • Spirit of resentment : similar pattern as above starts slow then escalates
  • Spirit of lying : compulsive lies, exaggerations,
  • Spirit of cursing : bad speech, foul language 
  • Spirit of blasphemy : thoughts, ideas, to oppose God.
  • Spirit of Gossip : most common especially in church 
  • Spirit of critism : some people can never find good in anything
  • Spirits of (mental ones) unbelief, doubt,compromise,forgertfulnes, confunsion, torment,insanity. Will affect the brain in your thinking.
  • Spirits of ( sexual nature) fornication, aldutery, masterbation, homosexuality, prostitution, beastiality, pornography, dominatrix, sexual fantasies
  • Spirit(s) of Lust : Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, gluttony, sniffing things like glue, rubber ,vanish wierd stuff . Main cause is spirit of frustration and in seeking comfort in something addiction sets in. Enslaved and owned.

 This list is endless, notice how one demon calls for another evil spirit that will come in and wreak havoc and escalates things if it goes unchecked and unchallenged.

Other ways demons enter people

  1. At birth : prenatal, unwanted children can be born with a spirit of rejection (a foetus senses it and the demons too), spirits of fear,lust,sexual perversion,drunkeness,drugs etc etc  can enter from mother to child.
  2. Childhood : abuse; physical, mental and sexual opens doors to evil spirits to enter children, pressure to perform demanding parents, fighting parents etc
  3. Dominating and manipulating parents, single parents leads to grown ups with spiritual umbilical cords not severed. (Yo momma issues men who won’t work, daddy issues most strippers)
  4. Occult : you practice evil ways you can guarantee demons will enter your life, you build a new convenant with the devil and God will and cannot protect you.
  5. Moment of weakness : eg marriage breakdown spirit of disappointment sets in then ur exposed to resentment the spiral starts
  6. Physical injuries : say you hit your head then all of a sudden that breaks and now brain this, epilepsy that 
  7. Continued sin: continued exposure to sin, eg watch more porn sex  demons (lust) will come in, watch horrors =spirit of fear, you get the idea hopefully.

But not to worry too much there is Power in the name of Jesus to delivery you and authority is granted to the believer to cast out evil spirits.

 however it will not work if :

  1. The oppressed person isn’t desperate enough to seek help
  2. Wrong motives : you get delivered so you can live right,serve The Lord not go back into sin, demons return
  3. Failure to breakaway from the occult, little charms, delvish objects, 
  4. Self centredness, attention seekers are candidates to allow the demons back. Donot deceive yourself.
  5. Failure to break evil relationships
  6. Continued exposure to sin

For deliverance to stay

One must:

  1. Make Jesus Lord
  2. Praise & worship (garment of praise v spirit of heaviness)
  3. Put on the Full armour of God
  4. Live by the word of God
  5. Submitt to God resist the Devil
  6. Right fellowship ie walk in the light, path of righteousness
  7. Self disclipline 
  8. Make Jesus center in your life

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